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Mission Log: T-minus 1

On Saturday evening, we’ll all be gathering at the 65 Hotel on the iconic Rothschild BLVD in Tel Aviv. Some of the delegates arrived days ago and have been busy in meetings or personal travel, others are just arriving. We start on Sunday, the first day of the business week here in Israel. The schedule is both set and thoughtfully packed, guiding and leaving space for “collisions” or the professional intersections that will form between our delegates and the fascinating companies and people they meet.

How to measure the success of the mission is a multifaceted opportunity. We want the delegates to be enriched with new possibilities but not overwhelmed or exhausted. To be exposed to a broad set of solutions and potential partners in actionable ways. To open doors and to plant seeds, some long term and some short. To create access points for a next conversation, the next step, a new idea, or the missing piece of the puzzle.

We plan to be close to a diverse Israeli culture, eat some great food, and genuinely make new connections and friendships inside our group and with the people we meet. Toward this, we’ll be commuting like locals, taking public transport. And rather than pitches and presentations that can feel like rushed investor roadshows, we opted for informal and bonding gatherings that allow time and space for discovery and for building connections.

So much of the mission will find expression in our regional events during 2023. The people we meet in the next week and those we already met during the long planning phase will be featured in programming that we hope you’ll attend, participate in,and even sponsor. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

There is no question that the mission will lead to business, commerce, research, and investment outcomes. Some of it will be public, and we’ll share about it. Some will be quiet and indirect. This, in a nutshell, is the defining feature of the PICC. For the past 35 years, whether on missions or during programming and events held in our region, we have guided members and the community to bump into opportunities writ large.

We’re so glad to be back here, and so happy to have you along. We’ll post highlights from each day right here on the Mission Log. Please stay tuned. And tell your friends. Our media reach is important to our mission. Please share this link on your social media.

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