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Your support will steward Israeli companies and help them find success.

We hope to hat through this customer discovery work, companies are introduced to a future business partner.

Program Details

Matches are made by the program manager based on your application profile.

We cannot promise an expert in your specific field, but all adopters are experts in business, tech development, and the ecosystem in our region. They are leaders and senior executives in their field.

Companies and adopters are encouraged to meet monthly for an initial 4 month term after which a rematch is possible.

Adopters must become annual members of the PICC at the $300 level or higher.

Companies will be considered full quarterly members of the PICC at a reduced cost of $200 quarterly. Instructions for signup will be sent with your acceptance.

A s part of this program:

Adopters meet companies once a month to discuss company needs and the regional ecosystem

Adopters should be prepared to make a reasonable number of introductions to their networks that may open doors to customer discovery efforts and to meeting strategic partners for the company

Adopters should not be directly participating in selling or business development on behalf of the companies and not directly involved in raising money or reviewing legal matters unless retained separately

Adopters are discouraged from signing NDAs, and companies should not disclose confidential information unless retained separately

Adopters should not be asking for financial compensation from companies in the form of payment or equity unless retained separately

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