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Lunch Study with Jay Arzu & Mike Parker

“Moving Forward”

Jay Arzu has a dream to see Roosevelt Boulevard Subway in the near future. Simple, elegant median stations with station houses without a mezzanine. No more dangerous express lanes; Roosevelt Blvd is calm, walkable, and bikeable. Build the Roosevelt Blvd Subway.

As a student, one day he found original plans from 110 years ago, of the Roosevelt Blvd Subway. He works day and night to make this dream come true.

Tune in to the recording from our conversation, guest hosted by Mike Parker, EY Americas Infrastructure Leader, to hear about efforts Jay Arzu is taking to “move forward” into the future, create thousands of jobs, and reconnect the suburbs of Philadelphia to the city in a safe and comfortable way.

If you're interested in learning more about this project, visit their website.

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