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Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce


Connecting Innovators from Israel to Philadelphia Area Collaborators + Markets


Since 1987


Membership in the PICC is a catalyst to accelerating your business and professional growth. Our members network regionally and with Israeli stakeholders. Start by finding the membership that is right for your stage of growth and opportunity and join today. As part of your on-boarding, we’ll meet to map out your membership goals and decide on steps to achieving them during your first year.


Services offered by the PICC include matchmaking between Israeli early stage companies and regional collaborators, customer discovery, and other strategic partners. The PICC also works with private and public stakeholders to position our region as the rational choice beachhead for companies going-to-market in the US.


Events produced by the PICC and with other partners offer opportunities for community building, to transform professionally, and to grow your network. The packed calendar of events is varied by industry, and includes round tables, virtual learning opportunities, networking, conferences, field trips, and mission trips to Israel.


With a population of over 6.4 million, the Greater Philadelphia region is the 5th largest US metropolitan areas, providing overnight reach to 40 percent of the US consumers. The region is a hotbed for collaboration and a welcoming beachhead for companies selling in the US. The PICC can help. Our membership, as well as our board, include leaders from business, academia, healthcare, finance, and government. Founded in 1987, we set out to grow and support our region’s job and innovation economies by linking tech and R&D from Israel with the powerhouse regional universities and commercial markets. These efforts have produced thousands of opportunities and a measurable success for the region and for Israeli innovators.

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