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The BIRD Foundation

If your company is seeking funding you should consider a BIRD foundation grant for which the PICC is the representative organization in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and much of New Jersey.

BIRD stands for Binational Industrial Research & Development. It is a special fund from the US and Israeli governments dedicated to supporting R&D collaborations between Israeli and US based companies. It provides up to $1.5 million in funding through non-dilutive grants. The fund was seeded by the governments but thrives from recovery payments that are paid back through successful projects and then pay forward by funding other projects.

The PICC has been enormously successful over many years in helping companies apply, and many have been awarded. There are two application cycles, in March and in September, for most applications, and in April and June for specialized applications for Homeland Security and Energy respectively.

The application process starts with a 4 page executive summary that is reviewed and given feedback and a recommendation by BIRD reviewers as to whether the full application should be filed. The executive summary is non-binding.

We hold regular information sessions as well as offer office hours to discuss your project needs. Together with the BIRD team we can also connect and make introductions to potential collaborators.

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