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Sector Exchange Network

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Digital Health & FemTech

Mid Atlantic X Israel

Conversations to accelerate outcomes

Digital Health Customer Discovery Trip

The Digital Health Customer Discovery Trip to the Philadelphia region will grow  your understanding of this ecosystem. You'll visit healthcare sites, meet with investors, strategic partners, and meet future board advisors. 

April 2024

About the Philadelphia Region

There are 1.5 million residents in the city, and 6.5 million in the greater Philadelphia area

It is known for life science, cell and gene therapy research innovation

There are over 33 thousand hospital beds in PA; neworks include:  Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, CHOP, UPMC, Jefferson, Hershey, Lehigh Valley, Geisinger, and VA hospitals

Support Israeli Innovation

100% of your donation goes toward an Israeli company's travel expenses to the U.S. to meet strategic partners & investors


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About the Philadelphia Israel Chamber of Commerce (PICC)
Since 1987, the PICC has been supporting early stage companies in the US. Our work through the Sector Exchange Network in Digital Health is comprised of an annual in-person Summit, monthly virtual Deep Dives, and delegations to the US and Israel.

Philadelphia is known as as the city of Eds and Meds (education and medicine). It boasts 115 colleges, top-rated and community hospitals, and thrives in life science and cell & gene therapy innovation. Just an hour north of Center City Philadelphia, Middlesex County in NJ is known as the Medicine Chest of the US because 14 of the largest pharma-companies are located there.

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