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SynergyPOC is the shortest guided path for successful POCs (proof of concept), between medium and large US based organizations and Israeli tech companies that are pre series A.

How does it work?

The US organization calls for POC tech proposals from companies in the areas of Digital Health, Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure, and in Food and Agriculture.


Israeli companies apply and are vetted by ecosystem leading organizations in Israel. 


Finalists get to pitch. Selected companies get to start POCs. 


All this is organized by the PICC’s Sector Exchange Network in partnership with ecosystem leaders in Israel.

What’s in it for US companies?

US companies that are scouting for tech and talent get exposure to the best tech from Israel. 

What’s in it for Israeli companies?

Israeli companies looking for a foothold in the US meet interested strategic partners and investors in the US.

What additional resources can add value?

When US and Israeli companies want to partner to develop solutions they can also apply for BIRD Foundation grants for up to $1.5 million and for BARD grants. The PICC is the official representative of BIRD and an advocate for BARD in our region.

How do you start?

Please fill out the interest form for SynergyPOC and we will be in touch promptly.

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