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Deep Dive: Intro to Digital Health & FemTech

What is Digital Health?

Digital Health, a new and rapidly advancing industry, evades a clear definition. For our inaugural Deep Dive, moderated by Ravid Butz, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Israel Chamber of Commerce, we were joined by Maura Rosenfeld, CBO at MindUP, Karina Sotnik, Founder & CEO of WorldUpstart, and Tiffany Starr McKever, Founder & CEO of Consensus Healthcare Consultants Inc. They held a discussion about how they define Digital Health and the issues facing it today along with the challenges of the FemTech industry.

Some snippets from our conversation:

"I often, when we talk about FemTech, found that, early on, we were very much just married to our reproductive health. And I would just say no... We are so much more beyond our womb in terms of how our bodies differ...So I think we are really moving to... understanding not only how dynamic our bodies but how our lives are in creating Digital Health solutions to support that." Tiffany Starr McKever
"Everything is now infused with AI; imaging, pathology, electronic health records, right? So... you know if I were to create an accelerator like this today, I would create it for AI possibly. Because that's the evolution that we see in Digital Health. And I think the FDA created guidlines for Digital Health when Maura started at MindUp in 2016, and even they tried to revamp 'What is this big umbrella term?'" Karina Sotnik
"I get messages from Maccabi, 'Get this test, get that test, get this test.' They're looking at it much more preventatively than the U.S. healthcare system ismuch more. And I do think the U.S. healthcare system is reaching the point in which that's going to have to change." Maura Rosenfeld

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