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Networking events
  • Quarterly PICC community night and “science fair”

  • Brewing with PICC (featuring special guest)

  • Back to School “Innovation Excursions” include travel on a coach-bus to a fascinating food plant, lab, factory, or farm to be impressed, learn, and bond with new friends over lunch (not brown bag)

Personal/professional development
  •  Improv to enhance innovation

BIRD Foundation Grants
Learning and knowledge diffusion
We produce opportunities for regional networking as well as specific tracks in areas that are globally significant, emerging, investible, advanced in Israel and significant to our region. For 2023 these tracks include: 
  • Food and AgTech, Food Security, Biosecurity

  • Gene and Cell Therapy, Bioinformatics 

  • FemTech

  • Health Science

  • Climate Change and Sustainability, One Health, The Circular Economy

  • CyberTech, EdTech, PropTech

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