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We invite you to adopt an Israeli emerging tech company with just your time and expertise. You’ll need about an hour a month over a year and a willingness to open your network and make strategic introductions that can accelerate positive outcomes for the company and for our region in PA, NJ and DE.

Why is it important?

Helping Israeli technology companies is important because their solutions are vital for the world (and vital for the economy of Israel). Technology from Israel offers healing, improves agriculture and food ingredients, and mitigates the effects of climate change. But right now, during the war and since the horrific attack of October 7th, Israeli companies, founders, and team members are deployed in the army reserves, displaced from their homes, or working overtime to preserve contracts and investment rounds that might be canceled. 


The Israeli ecosystem is responding to this economic reality admirably, with substantial new funding opportunities from VCs, free of management fees and with possible matching by the Israel Innovation Authority. These funds include Safe Dome VC and Iron Nation


Funding is crucial and will extend the runway and latitude that companies have to take products to market. The unmet need remains access to pilots, POCs, and strategic partnerships. This is specifically what adopting companies is meant to address.

What do you need to know?

You don’t need to be a subject matter expert to support Israeli tech companies. And you will not be doing BizDev for companies. That’s on the companies. But you do need to be experienced in startups, go-to-market, product development, running pilots and POCs, hiring and building teams, and business in general.


The Israeli counterparts you’ll be adopting are experienced, so don’t think of this as business mentoring. It isn’t! Rather, this is playing host and guide in our region and explaining the ecosystem. If you worked with Israeli companies before, you already know that one of your key roles is to bring Israeli optimism to reality. 


We set an intention to adopt 100 new Israeli tech companies in 2023. Let’s start with you joining the information session on November 16th at noon Eastern.

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